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Oct. 31st, 2019 12:17 am
An open threadbox for Adi's ragtag collection of muses.

Wanna thread? Got a meme you wanna play with, or a fun AU, or just some self-indulgent shippy fun? Tag on in!

Primary active muses:
Trafalgar Law
Hattori Heiji

Just call me out below or on plurk to plot or wing it as needed.
Adipet's Commission Page

Status: OPEN


Quick Sketch: $5
Mid to Full body: $15
Ink: $25
Add a Character: $10 for pencil, $15 for ink


Quick sketch: $5
Bust: $10
Mid to Full: $25
Flat Colour: $30-$40 depending on size
Add a character: $15 for B&W, $20 for colour

Special Deals:

Character expression busts

3 for $25
Buy 5, get 1 Free


The Details:

I will draw original characters as well as alternate universe designs of canon characters so long as I have reference.
I will not draw explicit nsfw content, mecha, full animals, or detailed backgrounds. This may be subject to change as I improve as an artist.
If you're not sure whether or not I'll draw something, feel free to ask. I'm usually willing to try.

I accept paypal for USD. My e-mail address is
Please do not send money without prior confirmation in e-mail.
I do accept tips, so if you think I've done a good job, please let me know.

Payment for commissions $25 or less is upfront. Anything higher is half upfront, and half upon completion.
Prices may vary with detail. I will discuss this with you should it come up before finalizing.

To Request:

Please send me an e-mail with the following information:

Name: Who you are and where I know you from.
Commission: What kind of picture are you looking for? How many characters? Who are they? What are they doing? What kind of person are they? If you're requesting busts, then what emotions would you like them to portray? We can discuss details through e-mail, but the more you give me the faster I can get started.
References: If it's a popular canon character I'll only need minimal references, but if it's an OC or an AU I will need either a good set of pictures to give me an idea of what you're looking for, or a solid description. As above: the more reference I have, the faster I'll be able to work.
Contact: Do you have a preferred method for me to get a hold of you aside from e-mail should I need to?

Anything Else?

My art tumblr has more examples to look at.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Comments are screened for privacy.
The Basics
Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist
Character Name: Edward Elric
Character Journal: TBD
Player Name: Adrien
Best contact method: or here on plurk.

Character Details
Canon Point: Mid-series, after meeting the man known as "Father"
Species: Human
Timeline of Important Events in Canon History:
  • When Ed and his brother were very young their dad, Hohenheim, left home.

  • The brothers start learning alchemy from their dad's books to make their mom happy.

  • Their mother, Trisha, dies. Ed first brings up the idea of human transmutation to bring her back.

  • Izumi Curtis passes through Risembool during a serious rainstorm and uses alchemy to build a floodwall when she sees the villagers struggling to block the waters. Seeing her skills, the boys beg her to take them on as apprentices. After a month surviving in the wilderness, proving themselves, she agrees to teach them.

  • After returning home, the brothers finish their research and try to resurrect their mom. The transmutation goes horribly wrong. Ed loses his leg and is forced to watch as his brother disappears.

  • Ed witnesses the Gate of Truth. Because his leg was used as 'payment' to the being known as Truth, an overwhelming amount of information flashes through his mind before he's released back to the real world.

  • After seeing that the thing they created wasn't even human, Ed uses the knowledge he gained to bring his brother's soul back from the Gate, and binds it to a suit of armor using his arm as payment to Truth.

  • Roy Mustang visits Risembool following notification of skilled alchemists to recruit them for the military. He's surprised to find out they're only ten. He's angry about the transmutation, he still offers Ed the possibility of joining the military. He brings up the idea that perhaps they can restore their bodies using resources as national alchemists.

  • Ed accepts automail surgery to replace his lost arm and leg. He finishes rehab in only one year.

  • Ed becomes the youngest state alchemist ever at 12.

  • He's 15 when the series starts. Ed and his brother Al travel the country looking for the fabled philosopher's stone in order to fix their bodies.

  • Following rumors of the stone, Ed overthrows the Church of Leto and exposes their priest as a fraud alchemist using the power of a fake philosopher's stone to fool the people into being willing sacrifices. This inadvertently sparks a small civil war in the town after he leaves.

  • At Eastern command, Ed and Al meet Shou Tucker, known for creating a chimera capable of speech. They study in his library to learn more about techniques to restore their bodies. After a few days they discover that his success is only due to transmuting his own family with animals when he turned his daughter, Nina, and dog into a new chimera. They get him arrested, but he never goes to trial as he and Nina are murdered by a man hunting national alchemists.

  • Ed accidentally comes across the murderer, Scar, and loses the fight against him. His own life is saved by the timely arrival of the military, but his automail arm is broken and his brother's metal body is heavily damaged.

  • On his way back to Risembool to get his arm repaired, Ed and his escort, Armstrong, come across a small town doctor that used to be part of the military's research on the philosopher's stone. This is the first time Ed has ever seen a real one, confirming their existence, and is ultimately given the location where Dr. Marco hid his research notes.

  • After getting his arm repaired, Ed heads to Central to find Marco's research notes only to discover that the library branch they were in had been burned down. Fortunately a former employee has an eidectic memory and happened to read what they were looking for. She rewrites the entire text for them and they begin to decode them.

  • To their horror, Ed and Al discover that the way to make a philosopher's stone is using live humans as ingredients. Determined to discover the truth behind the truth, they figure out where the stones were made and sneak into Laboratory 5 to investigate.

  • In Lab 5 Ed learns that there are others like Al who had their souls affixed to suits of armor who guard its secrets. After defeating the Slicer brothers, who had attacked him, he's about to learn more when the homunculi Lust and Envy arrive and bring the building down to bury those secrets. Ed is spared when his automail quits working, and he ultimately learns that not only is the military involved in whatever is going on, but the enemy doesn't want him dead.

  • Ed, Armstrong, and Lt Col. Hughes begin to investigate the military's involvement with the homunculi and the philosopher stone research. Ed and Al decide to keep searching for a new way to restore their bodies. The Fuhrer, King Bradley, visits them in the hospital and impresses upon them that this information is dangerous and that they can't trust anyone with it.

  • Calling his mechanic, Winry, to Central to once more repair his arm, Ed and his brother decide to visit Izumi to get stronger and ask her about the stone. As soon as he can travel, they had south to Dublith, stopping momentarily in Rush Valley where Winry decides to stay and improve her own skills in order to help them better.

  • After arriving at Dublith and consulting Izumi about everything that happened since they saw her when they were kids. It comes out that Izumi had also seen the Gate of Truth trying to bring back her child. The brothers learn that despite his whole body being used as payment Al doesn't remember the Gate, and they decide to try and restore his memory to see if he would have learned of a way to get their bodies back.

  • Ed leaves for Southern Command to take his yearly state test to continue his license. There he meets Bradley again, who automatically accepts his application on the spot and then follows him back to Dublith upon hearing about Izumi. Ed learns that his brother was kidnapped by the homunculus, Greed, who wants an immortal body and is willing to pay for Ed's knowledge with information on how homunculi are created. Ed declines, and in the middle of their fight Bradley arrives with military personnel to rescue the boys and destroy Greed.

  • Al regains his memory of the Gate, but the brothers still have little information to go on.

  • On the way back to Central with only more questions, they stop to visit Winry to repair Ed's arm again. They meet a foreigner passed out in an alley, and upon helping him they learn that Ling Yao is a son of the Xingese emperor and is in Amestris looking for immortality. Ling decides that sticking with Ed and Al is the best way to find it and follows them to Central.

  • In Central, Ed and Al discover that Hughes had been murdered trying to investigate Lab 5, and that one of their escorts at the time, Maria Ross, is the culprit. They come across her escaping capture with one of the armored guards from Lab 5, but before they can ask her questions she is apparently murdered by Roy Mustang, newly transferred from the Eastern Command.

  • The ruse is revealed to Ed when he's kidnapped by Armstrong under the excuse of automail malfunction, and taken across the desert to the ruins of Xerxes where Maria is alive and well. Ed learns what Roy and his men have learned about the military, and discovers an ancient, broken alchemic array with symbols he'd never seen before.

  • Stopping in Risembool before returning, Ed meets his father again for the first time since he left. The reunion isn't pleasant. Ed overhears Hohenheim ask whether the thing the boys transmuted had actually been their mother. After Hohenheim leaves once more, Ed digs up the body to find that it had never been her.

  • Upon returning to Central, Ed learns that Al had an encounter with the homunculi when Roy and his men tried to uncover some secrets of their own. During the fight Al was injured, but the homunculus Lust was killed by Roy. It is revealed that the reason certain alchemists can't die is because they are precious resources for the enemy, and that the homunculi themselves are made with philosophers stones as their core.

  • Ed makes himself a target for Scar, knowing that the homunculi would interfere before he could be killed, in order to capture one and find answers. With Ling and Lt. Hawkeye's help, they fight off Scar and capture Gluttony. However, they also learn that King Bradley is also a homunculus and that the military is at the center of the danger, not just a victim of it.

  • Far out in the middle of nowhere, while sharing information between them and arguing over what to do with the stone (Ling wants to take Gluttony back to Xing, Ed wants to use the stone to restore his and Al's bodies, and Roy wants it to heal an injury one of his men sustained from Lust), Gluttony hears Roy's name and flies into a rage over Lust's death. A sharp toothed eye opened up on Gluttony's belly, and devoured an entire section of the house they were hiding in. Ed manages to distract it long enough to get the non-combatants and injured to leave, and stays behind with Ling and Al to stop the raging homunculus.

  • Ed, Al, and Ling come across Envy who had arrived to pick up Gluttony, and they split up to fight the homunculus when Envy tells Gluttony he can't eat either Elric brother. In order to save Ling's life, however, Ed gets in the way of another devouring attack, and gets eaten along with Ling and Envy. He learns that Gluttony is a false Gate of Truth that the mysterious 'Father' created, and that there is no way out once you're inside.

  • Convinced that they're going to die anyway, Envy reveals to them his true form, a horrible amalgamation of souls, and tries to kill Ed and Ling. In the midst of the fight, Ed sees a broken piece of an old array and comes to the realization that there may be a way out. He puts together the pieces of array with what he remembers from Xerxes, beginning to put together part of the truth: that someone once transmuted the entire city of Xerxes into a stone. Ed also learns that Envy was the one who started the Civil War that destroyed Ishbal.

  • Convincing Envy to let him use Envy's philosopher's stone as payment, Ed transmutes himself to open the real Gate of Truth. The three of them jump through. At the real Gate, Ed learns that he is connected with his brother's soul. He sees his brother's body waiting beside another Gate opposite his own, but Al's body tells him he can only leave with his own soul. Ed promises Al he'll figure out how to save him.

  • They burst back out of Gluttony underneath Central to find out that Al had asked Gluttony to bring him to the mysterious 'Father' to see if he could get them back. Ed learns that Father looks just like his own dad, but learns quickly that the two men are not the same.

  • Ling's life is still in danger, even now being out of Gluttony, so the brothers fight to save his life but they're helpless as Father seemingly removes their ability to do alchemy. They're then forced to watch as Father uses Ling to create a new homunculus. Ling becomes the new Greed.

  • Scar and a young Xingese girl, May Chang, interrupt the meeting, revealing that while the brothers' alchemy is still dead, they can still use their own abilities. Scar learns that the homunculi caused the war that killed his people, and temporarily teams up with the Elrics to escape Father in order to use this information.

  • As precious sacrifices, and distractions to make sure the others aren't pursued, Ed and Al are escorted up to the Fuhrer's office, confirming that Bradley is the homunculus Wrath. They encounter Roy, who had tried to expose Bradley, and together the three of them are blackmailed into compliance as the people they care about are essentially take hostage. Confident that they can't act, Bradley allows Ed and Al to continue their search for a way to restore their bodies.

  • Not one to give up, Ed learns that while alchemy in the entire city had stopped working, May Chang's alchemy is fundamentally different and could be a weapon against Father. However she had disappeared after recovering from battle and now they must look for her in the North, where she is traveling with Scar.

    Ed's primary motivation is the mistake he made trying to bring back their mother, and fixing the consequences that took their bodies from them. The first half of the series he feels largely guilty for condemning Alphonse to a suit of armor. The catalyst for everything Ed's done was Roy suggesting the possibility of the boys getting their bodies back. It was a hope that drove Ed to suffering through automail surgery and becoming a dog of the military, a rank he doesn't really care for but feels it's necessary to hold. Even from his canonpoint, knowing that the country itself is in danger, Ed's still positive that he'll figure out how to restore them without resorting to harming people to do so. Failing was never an option for him. He'll gain new motivations, new goals, but will never lose this one core purpose. His family is everything to him.

    He's not much to look at, being only 15, and so people tend to underestimate him, especially when he's standing next to the suit of armor that is his brother. He often has to correct people that assume it's Al that's called the Fullmetal Alchemist, and grows furious when people call him short. He's prone to overreactions when he so much as hears the word 'small' in his presence. He hates being treated as a child.

    With his dad abandoning them, a man he hates and doesn't understand, and his mom dead it's been Ed taking care of his little brother. He's been making adult decisions since he was 10, including metaphorically selling his soul to the military. He's accomplished far more, and suffered more, than any kid could reasonably be expected to. He's not always used to having help, so it's hard for him to ask for it, and trusting adults with his problems is something that he works at doing more often as the series progresses.

    Ed takes a certain amount of pride in his ability. He studies extensively to learn anything he can get his hands on, and is capable of sitting for long hours reading and deciphering code with a laser focus that often results in his falling asleep on the books. While he does take his ability for granted (a fact that punishes him during the fight with Father when he temporarily loses it), he works very hard at being able to do it. When he finds a problem, he will do what he feels is necessary to fix it.

    He hates feeling helpless. He wants to be able to help everyone around him, and one of the hardest things he has to learn is that sometimes his action can hurt others, even when he's not directly involved in it. He blames himself for Hughes's death, a revelation that horrified him, just like he blamed himself for Al not being able to enjoy a living body. The idea of killing another person is something he doesn't believe he can ever do, and he lives with the fear that being owned by the military he'll one day have to be a part of this growing war.

    While he's proven to keep going when he needs to, sometimes it takes time for Ed to get himself back onto that path. When something happens that throws him off course, as with discovering that human lives were used when making a philosopher's stone, he momentarily shuts down and can't quite see where to go from that point. He is still a child in a lot of respects and can be lost in strong emotions. He's furious when he assumed Roy murdered Maria Ross and had to be held back from attacking the man. There was even a time when he felt so hopeless losing a fight to Scar that the only path he saw to save his brother's life was accepting his own death.

    In these times it is the people around him that pull him back up and talk sense into him. Every time he falters he listens to his brother, or Winry, or the adults he's met on his journeys and without fail something always sparks his determination. And every time he's taken that experience and made it a part of himself. He doesn't try to pretend that the bad things didn't happen, and uses these as a reminder to grow and get stronger so that next time he'll know better how to react.

Abilities, Magic and Supernatural Skills/Afflictions:
    Alchemy - Ed is a nationally recognized state alchemist, capable of almost effortless transmutations that require only quick thought and intent. Alchemists draw a circle to direct energy that, once activated, can transform one thing into another. Alchemists may only change things into something with the same makeup (ie. they can pull up the surrounding ground to make a wall or repair the broken pieces of something into being as good as new). They are not capable of creating something out of nothing without some kind of enhancement like a philosopher's stone.

  • Ed is able to use his own body as a circle to transmute by bringing his hands together to complete the circuit.

  • Ed specializes in combat alchemy. He is highly proficient in making weapons and using the terrain to his advantage.

Dragon & Magical Element
Elemental Alignment:
    Earth - Ed is a solid and dependable person. You can always be sure he'll be there come hell or high water, and when he says he'll do something he'll do it even if it'll take half his life.
    Despite everything that's happened to him and his family, Ed continues to grow around or through every obstacle that comes his way. His experiences become a part of him in ways both beautiful and ugly.
    Water - Ed is very often caught up in currents that he has no control over. Much of his story is reactionary. Things happen to him, sometimes to highly disastrous effect, and he's forced to get his feet back under him lest he drown in it. He's part of a greater whole that started a long time before he was ever even born, and in many ways it seems as if he's being carried along to Father's intended goal no matter how hard he struggles.
    Shadow - One thing that he's learned discovering the evil in Amestris is to look for the truth beneath the truth; that there's something hidden behind the things he's found.
    Ed is caught in the depths of political intrigue that run behind the scenes of the entire country. He's learning that the entire history of his country has been a hidden plot made by one ruler hiding in the shadows of Central where the majority of its citizens cannot see. He has to figure out how to use those same shadows to hide his own plans to stop whatever Father's planning.

Dragon: Aegis-
  • Large size; heavy

  • Four wings; A primary pair connected to her arms, and a secondary pair further down her spine

  • Two heavily muscled legs, and a long tail for balance

  • Aegis is built like a tank. At full grown she will look like a formidable wall. Her hide is a thick, rocky texture in a dark metallic colour, segmented into armored plates along her back and tail. While her arms are similarly armored the attached wings are a softer, sturdy leathery texture that matches her belly. Bone-like protrusions protect her skull over her eye ridges and curl into horns framing her face.

    Her primary wings are massive to support her armored body, while her secondary wings, resting just above her legs, are slimmer and built to aid in more precise flight. She is unable to hover in place and must land when she is not actively flying. When she had the terrain it is easiest for Aegis to climb and glide from height rather than taking off from the ground. Her claws are well suited for puncturing and gripping onto things.

    Her diets consists largely of meat or fish, though she has a sweet tooth for fruits and is rather fond of chewing mint leaves as she grows.

    Aegis's egg looks like a chunk of dark stone that reflects light like obsidian. She hatches small, and grows very slowly at first. She'll never quite get over the habit of resting on Ed's shoulder, even when she's far too big for it.

    Personality traits inherited from Character Bond:
    • Sheer determination and stubborness.
    • Gentle.
    • A wicked sense of humor.

    Writing Samples
    First Sample:

      The cavern is immense. It's the first thing he notices as he makes his way inside. The ceiling stretches high above his head, and he follows it with his eyes to the far wall and finally down to the floor. He pauses, then, taking it all in. For the first time since he woke up the grief in his heart eased it's oppressive hold and he couldn't help but feel an interest in the unfamiliar runes decorating the floor.

      He's never seen such symbols in all his books, reinforcing that he wasn't exactly in Amestris anymore. He wishes his brother were here (a thought that hurts, though he can't dwell on it right now, with everything in front of him; calling him) to see this as well. They could spend all day studying the different arrays circling the holes. Ed realizes he'd started walking again, steadily making his way closer to one of the depressions. Inside it rested what looked like a stone, though from the others scattered throughout the cavern he could only assume it was an egg of some kind?

      It was unusually warm here for a cavern. He wonders if maybe there were a hot spring below his feet somewhere, or if perhaps the symbols had anything to do with it. Crouching besides the depression with the stone-like egg, he studies the array around it. Later on he'd never be able to say what made him pick this one, or how he knew it was safe to touch the runes. He'd say it was an alchemist's intuition or something to that effect. The egg drew his eye more and more the longer he sat there, and before too long he's stepping into the depression to kneel beside it.

      The floor is warm even through the pants he woke up in. He can feel it seeping through the cloth into his skin. He reaches for the egg, curiosity getting the best of him. Even up close it looks like stone. The shell is incredibly rough to the touch, and scrapes against his palms as he goes to pick it up.

      The egg wobbles, a sound like a crack echoing around him, and he nearly knocks it over in his hurry to let it go. He watches, warily, and for a moment nothing else happens, but the egg wiggles again. Cracks begin to segment the stone and Ed looks around for anyone else to maybe call for help, but the cavern is empty.

      A piece of the shell at the top breaks away violently, and Ed stares in blank surprise at a tiny slate coloured leg twitching frantically. Worried suddenly, and realizing the thing must be upside down, Ed leans forward to help. He quickly turns the egg onto its side. More of the stone-like pieces break off as the creature get more leverage to push against it, and Ed covers his face as a large piece snaps it the air.

      It's quiet after that, and he lowers his arm to see...a winged lizard blinking up at him. It's small, and looks so vulnerable that Ed feels bad about the idea of leaving it here to fend for itself. Al would never have left it alone.

      That's what decides him, in that second. Al...Al's dead, along with the rest of Ed's world, if his own memory of...dying could be believed. Al would be disappointed in him if he left it here. He couldn't disgrace his brother's memory.

      Grief threatening to swell again, Ed offers his normal hand to the small animal, knowing better than to just manhandle it, and is rewarded with a curious chirp as it stumbles its face right into his fingers. He smiles. "Bit clumsy there, huh?" he asks, taking the opportunity to pick it up. He wraps it in the hem of his shirt and immediately makes his way back to the the city he'd seen on his way here to find help, runes momentarily forgotten.

    Second Sample:

      Ed laughs as the woman thanks him profusely for repairing the crumbled stall and hands him a small basket of fish, waving his free hand to stave off the unecessary gratitude. "It's all I can do," he admits. "You've been kind enough to help me, after all." Aegis warbles from the hood of his jacket, nosily peeking up over his shoulder at the smell of fish in the market.

      "I think you've more than paid us for it, Edward," she shook her head. "Just by being here you're helping us in return."

      Sheepishly, he says goodbye and begins to make his way back through the market, digging for one of the smallest fish to pass up to his dragon. Before he gets far, there's a shout from ahead. A burly, cloaked individual crashes through an open door, followed by a furious shop keeper, and starts running through the crowd with a wrapped box underneath their arm. They push people aside harshly, without care, and Ed carefully puts his basket down before stepping into their path.

      The thief does a doubletake upon seeing him, but pushes out their free arm to throw him aside like they'd done all the others. Ed, however, is ready for it. He plants his feet and ducks under the arm before grabbing it in both of his and throwing his metal shoulder into the thief's solar plexus.

      Aegis makes an alarmed chirp from his hood and he winces, changing tactics last minute to drop to the ground and bring the thief's feet out from under them, rather than throwing them over his shoulder. It was almost too simple, he notes with a pang. Compared to his brother, this thief might as well be a child.

      The shopkeeper catches up with them, angrily hoisting up the winded thief, and retrieving his merchandise. "Thanks kid," the man grouses, passes the thief off to a couple of others who were slower to arrive.

      Ed's lips thin into a tense smile at the term as he stands up, reaching into his hood to scoop out the cat sized dragon. "Only doing what anyone else would." Snorting, the shopkeeper directs the others back to the shop to deal with the thief, and Ed turns away to focus on Aegis. If he didn't know better, he'd say she looked irritated, but unharmed. "What?" he scowls. "Don't give me that look. Ow!" The satisfied dragon curled her tail around his metal fingers as he jerks the other hand away from her needle claws. "You know, I'm sure it's not too late to give you back," he mutters, gently holding her as he retrieves their dinner.

      She clearly doesn't believe him, shifting to dig her claws into his sleeve and begin the slow climb back to her perch. She has a point, he muses as he follows her with his hand to make sure she doesn't fall.

    30 Day Opt-In

    In the 30 days that your character has been in the city, how have they spent their time?

    Ed's been largely just exploring the city and making nice with the citizens. He's figuring out how to care for a newly hatched dragon as he's not the greatest with animals, and using his alchemy to fix broken tools and things just so he has something to do. He bought some more comfortable clothing, and commissioned a red jacket just to have something familiar to home. He's trying hard to cope with losing his home despite everything he's been through. A month has eased the pain some, but he's mostly put off the grief with activity. His main goal is learning as much as he can about the world so when he's not doing anything else he'll either listen to stories from the locals or read.

    Has the dragon hatched yet? Did their egg hatch immediately or was there time between locating their egg in the Heart of Nuren and the dragon's hatchday? How much have they grown?

    Aegis started hatching almost immediately upon him touching her egg. She's not much bigger than she had been, about the size of a small housecat, and often sleeps on his shoulders or in his hood.

    How have your character's interactions with the Remnants within the city been?

    Largely positive. He's tried to be polite, asking if there's anything he can do to help around, and seeing if he can get some advice on caring for his dragon.

    How have your character's interactions with the Touched within the city been?

    He's wary of the Touched, because he's had some unpleasant experiences with people who have been spliced, for lack of better term, with the traits of animals. He hasn't been outright hostile, and will talk to them like he would the Remnants, but he doesn't let down his guard.

    Has your character been living in the mountain cavern homes of Upper Nuren or within the housing areas of Lower Nuren?

    He's been living in the cavern of Upper Nuren.


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